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24 Waverley Road,
Cowaramup, WA 6284

Throughout the years, Cowaramup Primary School has been characterised by high quality teaching and support staff who have set high literacy and numeracy standards, resulting in excellent academic achievement and progress.

Our school prides itself on developing a positive school culture through managing behaviour in an educative, supportive way. At Cowaramup, the staff and community all play a role in teaching, modelling and reinforcing positive behaviour expectations. Teacher and student created videos at our whole school assemblies allow us to teach the students expected behaviours. These fall under our three school rules - Be Respectful, Be Resilient and Be Your Best.

Cowaramup Primary School has a strong focus across all learning areas. Students can take risks in a supportive and caring environment. This confidence has seen them succeed in many areas.

Students are taught in well maintained classrooms that incorporate computers and multimedia. Our classrooms are all air-conditioned, allowing our students to focus on their learning throughout the school day. Our early childhood centre has extensive nature play areas which allow students to be creative, imaginative and take risks in a supportive way. The grounds in the remainder of our school allow a variety of activities in natural surroundings. We share many of the community’s facilities including the Cowaramup oval and tennis courts and have our own basketball and netball courts.

Significantly, the Cowaramup community is growing with approximately 51 houses per year being built. This has seen our school enrolment grow, whilst challenging us to maintain and keep our strong community connection and values.


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